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Pinvin Community Preschool

Nurturing hearts and minds on a path of possibilities

The Wonder of a 

Two year old

Our younger children

At Pinvin Community Pre-school we recognise that two-year olds are a distinct age group, with their own unique needs. The developmental changes between children who have just passed their second birthday and children who have almost reached their third birthday are enormous and so provision must reflect these differing needs.

By two, children have become mobile explorers who have started to develop their independence. Their language skills have not developed enough for them to make their needs known and they do not yet have the social skills to manage turn-taking, sharing or waiting and their tempers can erupt quickly. To help us meet these needs we have a designated room lead who manages the Maples team caring for this wonderful age group. This team provides consistency for the children, supporting them at this important time in their development.

Progress check at 2 years old

When a child is aged between two and three, early years settings must review their progress, and provide parents and/or carers with a short-written summary of their child’s development in the prime areas of learning. This progress check must identify the child’s strengths, and any areas where the child’s progress is less than expected. At Pinvin Community Pre-school we commit to involving you the parent/carer in this process and so will be requesting your input into this review to ensure we have the truest picture of your child.

Health visitors

Being a new parent can be a very exciting time, but also a time of uncertainty but a helping hand is never far away.

Worcestershire Health Visitors aim to work with families to improve future health outcomes. They can provide expert information, assessment and intervention for babies, children and families including first time mothers and fathers and families with complex needs. 

Starting well partnership

Integrated 2 year check

In addition to the preschool progress check your health visitor will also complete a health and development review.

Within Worcestershire we call this check ‘All about me @ 2’. The Health Visiting Team will carry out a health review when your child is between 27 and 30 months old.

They will provide an overview of the check to put in your Red Book (unless this is done by video call).

Parents are asked to share this with the child’s early years setting.

If the health visiting team identifies any concerns, with your permission, they will share this information with your child’s early years setting.

The Health Visiting team will send you an appointment for this to take place.