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Pinvin Community Preschool

Nurturing hearts and minds on a path of possibilities

Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures enable us to set out how we deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework (2021) and other legal duties as an employer, and as a charity (700766).

Policies are very much an evolving document which develop as we continue to learn from practice.

Safeguarding and Child protection Policy 

September 2021

This policy sets out our duties to safeguard and protect children. It makes links to legislation and local authority processes. This policy also has extensive information on an array of safeguarding themes and practical ways in which we can all as adults keep ourselves informed and protect children.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Health and Hygiene Policy

January 2021

This policy sets out our commitment to maintaining a healthy environment for the children in our care. It covers areas such as infection control, and our first aid and medical processes. This policy also covers continence, and signposts to support. We also cover healthy eating and how to promote good oral health.

Health and Hygiene Policy

Safety and Suitability of premises, environment and equipment Policy

January 2021

This policy is all about how we meet our legal obligations both as a business and as an early years provider. It outlines procedures in how we manage fire safety and risk assessments.

Safety and Suitability of Premises, Environment, and Equipment Policy

Settings Risk Assessments 2021

Suitable people Policy

January 2021 

We are committed to safeguarding children and a huge part of this is ensuring all adults working with children are suitable to do so. This policy sets out our safer recruitment procedures and how we then support our team to perform at the highest level.

Suitable People Policy

The role of the Early Years Educator Policy

January 2021

This policy goes into detail about the role of the setting in delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage (2021). It sets out the responsibilities of the key person and their role in working with children and families.

The Role of the Early Years Educator Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

January 2021

This policy explores what equality and diversity looks like in the early years. It links practice to legislation, describing how our curriculum promotes both equality and diversity. 

Equality and Diversity Policy

Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) in the Early Years Policy

January 2021

This policy sets out how we deliver our SEND provision from supporting children short-term to help them catch up to more long-term plans involving outside agencies. 

SEND in the Early Years Policy

Self regulation in the Early Years

January 2021

This policy helps to explain our approach to behaviour and how we as adults can support children to recognise and begin to regulate emotions. It considers neuroscience and how emotional responses can affect the brain. 

Self Regulation in the Early Years Policy

Information and Records Policy

January 2021

This policy sets out how we manage admissions to the setting. It links to our GDPR privacy notice detailing the records we hold and our approach to information sharing. It also sets out clearly our complaints procedure.

Information and Records Policy

GDPR Privacy notice 2021

COVID-19 Response Policy

January 2022

Covid-19 has impacted our provision on so many levels and so it was important that we think carefully about how we navigate this global pandemic to keep everyone safe. Our Covid-19 Response Policy considers how we do this and includes a wealth of information for both staff and families including up to date risk assessments. This policy is updated half termly or when guided by local authority or government guidance.

Covid 19 Response Policy January 2022