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Pinvin Community Preschool

Nurturing hearts and minds on a path of possibilities

Outdoor Learning

Our Allotment

Our outdoor learning ethos is an approach which builds your child's self-esteem and emotional intelligence, by fostering resilience, confidence, independence, and creativity through the use of the outdoor environment.

Our daily outdoor sessions benefit children and adults in many ways;

Freedom: when outside we are at one with nature and there is no set agenda, children have the freedom to be children and allow their explorative impulses to take over. Adults are there to be a supportive partner and encourage the children to take ownership of their play.

Building resilience: When outside children can learn more independently and are encouraged to assess and take supervised risks and deal with unfamiliar, unpredictable situations and boundaries such as climbing trees or building a den and testing their own abilities in these situations.

Developing vocabulary: As well as building on their communication skills with each other, children are learning in the outdoor environment which is forever changing. There are always new things to see or hear which means new words and new knowledge.

A connection with the natural world: Spending more time outside and in touch with nature means that children learn in the context of the outdoor environment; understanding the seasons, being able to identify different animals, insects, trees, flowers, making music with rain drops and water, going on a scavenger hunt, building a mud pie and so forth.

Collaborative working: Children can set their own challenges, and this is where we observe teamwork and collaboration in achieving and celebrating these tasks.       

Outdoor Learning Information

'I found 2 wiggly worms, one is long and one is fat'

'I have lots of stones, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7'

'Do you like my paintbrush? I maded it'