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Pinvin Community Preschool

Nurturing hearts and minds on a path of possibilities

The Legacy

About this website

Pinvin Community Preschool unfortunately closed its doors to families on July 20th, 2022.  Although a well-loved setting, circumstances beyond our control stacked against us, and we made the tough decision to close.

As I reflect on the many years Pinvin Community Pre-school has operated I am immensely proud. For the past 40 years this small, unique setting was full of love and hope touching everyone who came through the doors. Supporting the community in ways no-one else could, we helped children and families to feel connected and have a sense of belonging. As we evolved in line with the early years sector, we developed skills and expertise, reflection aiding our knowledge to ensure we gave the very best to everyone in our care. 

It feels wrong for Pinvin Community Pre-school to simply close its doors as we still have so much to give. This website has therefore been developed by past team members to support parents and professionals in their quest to truly make a difference and engage fully with the wonder of early years.

Supporting the whole family

Raising a family can be the most wonderful yet challenging job you will ever encounter. Family life sure does have its ups and downs and we are here to help through the positive and not so positive times. We have collated a wealth of support available to our families both locally and nationally to help navigate these challenges. Remember......... our door is always open, come speak with us.  

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